Saturday, 18 June 2011

The madness continues

Firstly an apology for returning to work and not making time time to write a blog! How very dare I. I have also had to face the daily battle of trying to get the Netbook off the wife in order to write my blog. The flip side being that the wife using the Netbook means that there is no need whatsoever to converse!

So what has been going on ? The answer is both lots and bugger all. The ConDems are still telling us how bloody awful life was under the previous administration and that we must all live like paupers for the rest of our lives in order for their rich chums and party contributors to stay sickeningly wealthy. I still can't recall the huge wage increase in teachers, nurses, police and coastguard pay that caused the crash but I do recall spending billions to save the banking sector from going bust but I must be delusional.

There still appears to be a complete lack of realism around the speed and depth of the cuts, the effect they are having on people and their effectiveness in improving the economy.
The economy will automatically repair itself over time but this government is actually trying to slow and prevent growth by removing the stimulus in the economy.

Cameron is still as slimey and Clegg is still as two faced as before and we are all still waiting for a genuine alternative line with strength and conviction from the opposition. So to put it bluntly, we are still in the same pit we were in before, with some of us having our torches taken off us and given to rich idiots who already have four big torches but can't work out how to turn them on.

Until we realise that the economy and society are linked and that the economy is not the transactions made by  the money traders in London but every transaction made by every person in the country, we will not start to genuinely resolve the situation. Only when we value every transaction equally will every person have an equal stake in the economy.

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