Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lessons from the past!

This lot of numpties are still determined to go ahead with the cuts, so I would like to point out a few obvious lessons that appear to be forgotten.
The Conservative government elected in 1979 was determined to completely remove the power of the unions and set about privatising public services and changing the rules around unions. Speed was of the essence. It was key that the changes were made rapidly and that they were BIG changes. This would mean that the government could stand tall and say 'Look at what we have done!' by the next election.

As we find ourselves now - the intention is right but the execution is very wide of the mark.

The speed and depth of the changes in the early 80's resulted in large parts of the country and the economy being crippled, brought to it's knees because of the 'We know best' attitude. National bodies that were not ready for privatisation were sold off cheap in order to prove a point and the miners strike became the focal point for the Conservative agenda.
The problem was it was all or nothing. There was no 'Plan B' or second option and we are still paying for that failure now. A slow and gradual reduction in support for the mines would have allowed local economies to adjust and not go through the hardship and pain of an instant cut. A gradual preparation for privatisation and a correct assessment of suitability together with a correct valuation would have meant years of wrong decisions and corrections could have been avoided.

We are making the decisions now - too fast and too hard. It is panic politics at its worst. 'We need to do this quickly before we get voted out' is the leading thought in many Conservative MPs and voters and that leads to poor decision making.  The constant line of 'We must do this - we have no choice' wears thin very quickly when other economies are taking different choices and making them work.

There is a 'Plan B' if it is wanted. It would mean the Conservative government admitting they are wrong and taking a brave decision to change. I am fairly certain that will not happen. Arrogance and stubbornness will ensure that the present path is pursued until they are voted out. These changes are going to make this country more Conservative for a very long time and future governments will struggle to change the country for the better if they are not stopped before it is too late. We are handing control of the country to the money men who are responsible for ballsing it up in the first place and the rest of us are being told that this is good for us.

I am not going to stand for it and I encourage you also to do something about it - before it is too late.

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