Sunday, 16 January 2011

Politicians drive me mad!

So there was a bi-election, one candidate got selected, yet all three parties claimed success. Two said, 'We were expecting a right kicking, We are surprised we got that much' and the winner said ' we won!'.
The fact is no one won - the public have lost out again. There is no separation between the parties other than who they would shaft the most in order to be in power. The fact is that the power behind the government lies in the lobbyists and the media. these are people with the financial power to make things happen and they sit on the lap of politicians with a knife pointed at their rather small genitalia (if they had more balls we would not be in this situation).
So, here is my next proposal for change:
Move the Houses of Parliament out of London. Move it to a part of the country that needs the investment. For two days of the week politicians would be able to debate and take part in committees via video conferencing, so they would only need to attend for the other two days. The building would be shared with a newly structured Lords, which would operate the same way. This would mean politicians would be in constituencies more than in Parliament. This then reduces the opportunity for lobby groups and financiers to intervene in the political process and would keep the politician in touch with reality a bit more.
Government offices would also be separated around the country (as was the process previously). This again ensures that the power of lobbyists and interest groups are diluted even more and a wider view of public opinion is heard.
The office of the Prime Minister would also be separated and located somewhere other than London and not next to Paliament.
I would also make a law that businesses should hold more meetings via video link as well. This would cut down on travel and increase the time that role models spend with their families (usually the father but not exclusively). I will expand on this on a different day.

As i mentioned above I would restructure the House of Lords but in a much more radical way than any of the national parties dare even suggest! This will be my next post! Your comments would be appreciated.

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