Saturday, 2 April 2011

Assembly elections - pointless?

The forthcoming assembly elections are a huge opportunity to do something different in Wales and actually make us radically better than most countries. I think the important thing is to see it as a ten or fifteen year plan of improvement, split down into two or three sections and each assembly sitting needs to achieve certain objectives. This is  opposed to a three or four year cycle of criticism of what had happened, consultation on the way forward and then starting something new again, which is an unproductive waste of time.
The joy of the Welsh Assembly is that all parties are connected around the idea of 'We really don't like the English' and anything that we can do to better them is great for everyone.

There are those that say this is narrow minded and regressive, we need to work with our neighbours etc etc.


This is healthy competition at its best. it is also a chance for us as a nation to stand up for what we should have been having over years past. Wales has consistently been shortchanged by England and has lacked the national backbone to fight back. We have tried to take on the English from the inside, using Parliament to try and get a better deal, but every time we come close it gets taken away from us.We now need to aspire to not only match England but to rapidly surpass them in the areas we choose to. So the time is now right to take the opportunity and build an economy and a society that is right for us and others look at with envy.

We have already seen and heard MP's use London language to try and impose their values upon us - it is not welcome. Bugger off back to London and do it there, my eight year old will join you and show you how to have a debate using constructive language and reasoned argument.
The mud slinging and criticism is not the way the Welsh Assembly has or should work.

So what we should do is agree in general terms on what the main targets should be and the time frames over which they should be achieved - then we should debate the policies by which we should achieve them. In a system as young as ours we have the chance to construct a genuine written constitution as mentioned in previous blogs.

And what would my vision be. My vision has a green and sustainable base, where we encourage  sustainable companies to set up in Wales, develop and manufacture their products and then use their products to create a better energy base in Wales. We are then in a position to supply the rest of the UK with energy on our terms - not theirs. We would also develop an international reputation which would act in the same way as the silicon valley rush did. We could develop Colleges and Universities to specialise make sure that the top well paid jobs all go to home grown talent.

I would also base our society on what we do best, education, sport, tourism and innovation.

But my ideas alone are not important. The point is that we have a chance to do things differently and everyone has the opportunity to have their say in it. If you don't feel that politician is listening to you or will not engage with your opinion, either make them listen or make a fuss but never sit back and do nothing.

In five years time the world will be a very different place and we may not have the opportunity that we do today to really make the difference.  That is why everyone should take this election seriously and why we owe it to ourselves to question every single politician at every single chance we get.

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