Thursday, 14 April 2011

Is it all Cleggs fault?

Yes is the short answer and I for one feel extremely let down.
12 months ago I was bouncing with enthusiasm as new ideas, new priorities and politicians with principles stepped forward. I was excited that I might see a political revolution where we broke free from the old style that has become incredibly tedious and deflating. How wrong I was.

I expected the LibDems to stand up and be counted, to have a strong voice and to stamp their feet where the situation required it. I wanted Nick Clegg to turn around and say, 'The only way to stop these cuts is to do it from the inside!' and then argue till he was blue in the face to genuinely reduce the impact of the cuts and do the sensible thing - smaller cuts over a longer term to allow the economy to develop properly. I was disappointed.

Without Clegg, Cameron would be running a minority government and would only be able to bring policies which had cross party support. The budget and cuts would have had to be much less severe in order to get it through and the country would not be struggling the way it is now (In summary).

Clegg and probably more likely Cable, hold the keys to the coalition and to their party's future well being. The LibDems are about to get an absolute kicking in Welsh, Scottish and Local elections and will struggle to recover if they continue along these lines. If Cable resigns, Clegg is left very unstable and will face calls to resign as well. If Simon Hughes then stands up to be counted then Clegg is scrambling for support and will surely fall or step down.

The best solution for the LibDems is to announce their intention to quit government before the AV result is announced. If they do it after, the Conservative party will wipe the floor with them and they will lose all credibility they may have.

If they resign from the coalition swiftly, they have a chance to rebuild and recover. If they stay the full period, they become tainted with blue and will struggle to recover at all - it may even mean the end of the party as it is now.

Our country would be in a much better place if we had a minority government - it is Cleggs fault that we don't.

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Gotee said...

My comment below is in reply to a fellow bloggers page. Technical problems have prevented me fom posting there for the time being. You can see the the origanal bloggers page here

Is it his fault though? One could argue he may just be following a script.
What is happening here & around the world is no accident. For a good few years now it has been known that the western political elite have been following a “RoadMap”. Fiance, welfare, removal of freedoms, illegal invasions etc. All by design. [common purpose, Zeitgeist, Big Society / NWO].
Clegg is just one of many corrupt muppets/puppets of the [shadow govt].
Is he just being used as a scape goat? Or has he got his eyes wide open? I’d say yes. Family, schools, they are all connected. And folk are under the impression that we live in a democracy. An illusion. (my turn cousin)

To be honest, the Tories & Libs are at total different ends of the spectrum, how anyone could have believed that these two parties were compatible in the first place is beyound belief in itself. But its worked, just look at how many millions that have been fooled. In fact, folk are still buying into the BS.
Look further into the rabbit hole, & folk will see that things are not quite what they seem.
Maybe the end is nigh for the Libs, & what is happening is the assimilation of two into one. *The Big Crunch*

Everything is going to plan, & I’m sure that before long Clegg will have a nice pat on the back for a job well done & will then take his seat in the Lords.

All a conspiracy theory btw? But then again ~

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