Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Politicians !!

My title was very nearly, 'Should London politicians care about the rest of us?' or 'Do London politicians care about the rest of us', because unfortunately the way we are set up nationally, there is no real reason why they should. I couldn't word it right so left it at politicians!!
Huge parts of the country hasvevery little effect on London and it's people and therefore has very little impact in the decision making that goes on there.
Most career politicians have lived and worked in and around Westminster since leaving University. They work as reserchers, PA's, they work for their party or they work for lobby groups with the focus being, what do I need to do to get into Parliament and then progress. They live in London, if they are married, they make their home in London (part of why the expenses scandal got complicated) and their kids go to (very expensive) London schools. At no point do they serve on a till at a supermarket, pick bins for the council, work on a production line through on a night shift or clean toilets in an office block.
They have very little or no life experience outside of the political bubble and that is why they do not care and never will.
I actually applaud the fact that people care so much about their country that they dedicate their life to trying to make it better, but in doing so, they lose sight of what a better country actually is.

Not all politicians are career politicians, some do have life experience, but all too many of these politicians come from priviledged backgrounds where hard work is something completely alien to them. The few remaining ones who are actually, what you and I might call 'normal', get swallowed up in the Westminster cess pit. They get rapidly out manouvered by career politicians and out gunned by silver spoon politicians. They are left on the side lines, in pointless committees where there good ideas and intentions rapidly erode under the wave of political experience.

This situation is wrong, it is the system that needs to change and probably about half of the politicians.

If the system was a good one and politicians operated in the good of all of the country, there would be no need for Regional assemblies. There would be no north and south split and the social scale would be much narrower, with top and bottom closer together. If the system was a good one there would be no protest marches, no strikes and no calls for a different voting system. There would be no regional grants and no suggestion that enterprize zones will be used to win votes.

It is fairly simple to see that our political system is broken and corrupted but the only people with the power to do anything about it are the politicians. I am not holding my breath in anticipation of change.

If you doubt that this system is wrong and think that we have it right then ask yourself when you last influenced your local poitician. When did anyone from a political party ask you what do you think on this issue, why is your local MP in politics, who has sponsored them in the past, what jobs have they done before being an MP and why do they deserve your vote?

We have a political head of state who can do nothing because they are not elected, we have a two party system that means 'blame the others' is always an option and we vote for it in the most archaine way known to man.
Over 50% of this country who voted, voted against the parties in government. More people did not want them than did. If you add in the people who did not vote, you have a very small minority of people who chose this government.

Until we realise that we are no longer the worlds leading democracy, we will not change. I urge all of you now to drop an email to your MP and ask them the questions you feel you should know. Find out what they know about your area and what they are doing to help it, when they fob you off, question them some more and make them answer you. You might be surprised.

So, to answer my own questions, do they care? I think some would like to care, some think they care and some only care about themselves. Should they care? Yes, a damn sight more than they do now, about every last inch of our country.

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Treckie said...

Excellent blog.
Have politians lost touch with the people? I say No, for their ear is as close to the ground as a tea bag is water proof.
The majority are nothing more than pompous snotty nosed, corporate climbing self absorbed ego inflated mummies boys / girls who don’t give a damn about 85 / 90% of the popultion. “Usless eaters” as they call us.
Do all politians actually care about folk? Again I will have to say No. Through my experience I have only ever come across a small percentage that do actually care & even those pick & choose whether to listen & take action or to totally blank people. Anything remotely from outside the box is a Huge NO NO.
This can then be interpreted as they are not the genuine people they make to be, to not wanting to rock the boat.
One could argue then that the true geniune carers are in fact the grass root voluntees & footsodiers whose soul purpose is to help & ask nothing in return.

I also agree that most politicians have had little if any experience outside of their *I’m better than you* bubble. I wonder with the introduction of the “Big Society” will see an army of volunteer politicians working in the fields for 12hrs a day & 7 days a week in the blistering heat picking spuds or hanging off scaffolding in the pouring freezing rain / snow?

The truth of the matter is politics is a scam to keep folk not in the know under the illusion that they can make a diference, & they can help elect a “new” messiah who will fight in their corner with the promise of fixing all. Nothing really to fix, for nothing really is broken. Just an illusion by “Me master, You slave” mentality that is brainwashed into folk from childhood.
If folk took a step back, they would see that democracy is nothing more than an illusion. Most parties if not ALL are one in the same. “Control all sides & garantee the outcome”.
We the people are conned into voting every 4 /5 years in a so called democracy when in essence we are just voting for our next draconian overlord. Hence why politicans do what they want regardless of how many millions protest against them.
The polititions are sticking to their agenda, & nothing is going to divert them from their RoadMap.
Most people laugh at this which I find strange, seeing that was the very phase used by PM’s Presidents, bankers, UN the PopeOfile etc. Now its called “Big Society” aka Zeitgeist, Common Purpose.

I do not recognise this charade of a government for they are unelected. In essence, the UK [sic] hasn’t had a PM since Tony B_Liar. I’m glad to say, I’m not alone in this thinking.
Their landgrabbing, warmongering, genocidal mentality should be enough to make folk raise up & dust off their pitch forks. But just like good little brainwashed citizens, these mindless automatons believe all that their controlled media & messiah want’s them to believe.

Emailing the local MP or government achieves nothing. For I & many many others have been doing this for years. They all ignore, there are no exceptions once they get past a certain stage. A quick promotion or threat & they soon fall into line. Corrupt?
Rumours has it, there are those who have also paid with their life. >conspiracy theories<

So do politicians care?